Revision Policy can go to any extent to satisfy its customers. Our first priority is to deliver flawless drafts that can be submitted right away. There will be hardly any changes required in your essay or assignment. However, we understand the concerns of our clients and offer the free edits. You just have to get in touch with our team and tell us how we can improve your work. We will resolve all those issues that are legit without any delay.

There are some conditions that a customer has to fulfil, or else we won't consider their request for a revision. This Revision Policy contains all those pointers that are crucial for the acceptance of your request and the rights you possess. Customers who have reservations at any point in this document should contact us to get clarity before placing their order. If your order is processed, then it means that you have agreed with all the clauses mentioned in our Revision Policy.

  • Students have a limited time to check the draft and share their feedback. There is no fixed time limit, as it depends on how lengthy your paper is. You can only ask for an edit during this time period.
  • Customers have to convey their urgency clearly. If we are not aware of your deadline beforehand, then you cannot hold us responsible for the late delivery. Tell us about urgent revisions in advance. We do not entertain unrealistic deadlines at all.
  • The edits you require should be in accordance with the original details provided at the time of order placement. Any contradiction will lead to the rejection of your request. If you ask for a revision that was not there initially in your project requirements, then there will be exclusive charges for it.
  • You cannot start a dispute until we have provided you with a revised draft. Not getting any feedback on the edited file would mean that you are happy with the changes. Customers won't be allowed to challenge our work afterwards.
  • Change of mind after approving the revision is not our responsibility, and we won't cater to such requests.
  • If the details that we get for the revision are unclear, then issues occurring from it won't be our responsibility, and you cannot hold us accountable for it.